Web Application Firewall

A WAF is a firewall designed to protect your web services from cyberatacks by analyzing and filtering HTTP traffic. A WAF is placed between your web service and internet, therefore anyone accessing your web service must be allowed to pass according to the WAF policy installed.

Policies allow WAF managers to configure how your traffic flows to your web service, normally it can be configured to simply log suspicious http requests (GET, POST, etc.) or log and block.

How the Faable WAF works

Faable Cloud offers a WAF security product that detects malicious request traffic and can monitor, log and block traffic before it reaches your App. It provides rules that detect and block potential attacks. The rules are collected into a policy and deployed within your Faable App service in our datacenters. To get started email our sales team sales@faable.com for product information.

Faable WAF is configured by default with OWASP Core Rule Set that protects from OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilites. Core Rule Set is automatically reviewed and updated by Faable Platform as new vulnerabilities appear. Also Faable Team monitors Core Rule Set to inform Faable WAF clients of malicious attacks. WAF logs can be accesed in Faable Dashboard.

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