Domain Custom SSL Certificates

By default, Faable Cloud provides all domains with a custom SSL certificates. However Enterprise teams can upload their own custom SSL certificate. This allows for Enterprise teamsp to servve their own SSL certificate on a Custom Domain rather than the one automatically generated by Faable platform.

Custom SSL certifiacates can be uploaded via the domains configuration page on Faable Dashboard.

To upload a custom certificate:

  1. Provide the private key for the certificate

  2. Provide the certificate itself

  3. Provide the Certificate Authority root certificate. This will be provided by your certificate issuer and is different to the core certificate of the domain. This may be included in their download process or available for download on their website.

The content of each file must be copied and pasted into the input box directly. The certificate and private key can be extracted from the PEM files that are provided by your certificate issuer, and should be in the following format:

certificate.pem file:

<Certificate body will be here>

private-key.pem file:

<Private key body will be here>

SSL best practices

  1. Wilcards certificates can be uploaded

  2. Yot can include other CN's for other subdomains without those being included in Faable Platform

  3. Certificates with an explicitly defined subdomain are prioritized over a wildcard certificate when both are valid for a given subdomain

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